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November 18, 2011 / hitmanpestcontrol

What Untreated Termites can do to your house!

Termites are one of Australian’s most despised house hold pests; even the thought of having a termite problem is enough to make any home owner cringe. Termites live off drywood, dampwood and many other sources of food, and as many, if not most, Australian houses are constructed out of wood, they are all under threat from termites. This also explains why so many homeowners have encountered termite problems.

Termite Treatment BrisbaneThese pests can cause irreparable damage to houses, or any wood structure if left untreated. Once termites get into any wood structure they will start eating away at the wood. However, they don’t tend to damage all of the timber, and will often leave enough timber so the structure does not collapse.
Termites can damage the entire structural integrity of a building, often so much so that the affected timber will be required to be repaired or replaced, which can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Once the timber has been damaged to such an extent, the timber needs to be repaired.

If termites are left untreated, this can cause severe headaches and put a large dint in the household budget. Therefore, it is important that if you suspect a termite problem that you have your house checked and/or treated for termites by a professional pest control company.

Termite treatment in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia is the only solution to eradicating termites from your household. Termite control in Brisbane, or anywhere else in Queensland is vital.

A company that can assist you with termite control and termite treatment in Brisbane and all across Queensland is Hitman. Hitman is a leading termite treatment company located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

Don’t wait until you have termites to call Hitman. Call Hitman today for a free termite check with all pest control. This way termites will be detected before they become a major problem.