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Hitman Pest Control Tips For Winter

August 02, 2016

Hitman Pest Control Tips For Winter

It’s been awhile since we’ve felt cold here in Queensland. However, in the past few weeks, winter has arrived on our doorsteps with gusto!

It may seem that winter is a dormant time for pests and, while this is true for some, it’s not for others. Even if you see little activity of cockroaches and other pests, they are still there. They just choose to nest in warmer areas of your home such as around the motor of your fridge. They don’t move as far afield in winter as they prefer to stay closer to the nest for warmth whilst they merrily continue to breed. Come summer, you may find you have an infestation!

Pest Control Tips For Winter

It seems like we have an increase in threats from rodents in winter but the truth is they breed just as much in summer as they do in winter. Rodents just like to take up residency with you inside as they dislike the winter cold and overnight temperatures just as much as we humans do!

Other pests are also prevalent. Termites keep on chewing, cockroaches still fly in and ants never give up.

As you’ve been reaching for your favourite winter woollies, you may have discovered that some pests have damaged them too. Silverfish!

For your peace of mind, we’ve compiled a pest control checklist and tips for winter so you can keep your pest problems under control.

Hitman’s Pest Control Tips For Winter Checklist


Rodents love to set up home inside yours! To discourage rodents:

  • Go through your cupboards and either throw out, regift or give away anything you haven’t used for over 12 months; is broken; or you just don’t love anymore
  • Throw out any old boxes or cardboard and replace them with sealable plastic storage containers. These will keep out rodents, cockroaches and silverfish
  • If you want complete peace of mind, be sure to use a sealed box. Rodents can’t penetrate plastic or metal


  • Remove any uneaten pet food indoors or outdoors as this just encourages rodents and ants
  • Seal entry points with gauze for holes or silicon for smaller holes. Check kitchen cupboards too, especially around plumbing pipes
  • Include the eaves and gutters for hole checks as rodents will enter at any opportunity

Traps for Rodents

  • Please call in a professional for trapping rodents as snap traps and baits can be very dangerous for family pets and children

Regular Home Inspections

  • Conduct a regular inspection of the outdoor areas surrounding your home, especially for accumulated water as they are breeding grounds for mosquitos
  • Ensure that containers are emptied
  • Screen any tanks or water features if they don’t have a pump
  • Empty accumulated water from pot plant saucers
  • Throw out any old containers such as buckets or store them in the shed


  • Screening your windows and doors will stop most cockroaches from flying in. However, doors are opened frequently and cockroaches can come up through plug holes which means there is a good chance you will still have pests invading your home.

Outside walls and eaves

  • Check for holes where rodents can enter the roof space…they love chewing through electrical cables. Remember wasps and spiders still build nests and webs year round

Garbage Bins

  • Store bins away from the main area of your home and give them a regular clean with the hose to discourage flies and rodents

Bushes and Trees

  • There’s nothing a pest likes more than easy access to your home. You make it really easy for them by leaving over-hanging branches that contact the roof or gutter.

Don’t give rodents, spiders and ants access to your home by trimming all branches and bushes that have contact with the outside of your home!

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