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Pest Control – 3 Things you’ve tried that won’t work

July 08, 2020

Are you trying to get rid of pests such as ants, rodents, termites or cockroaches from your home? You may have tried or currently are trying various methods to keep your pest problem under wraps, however, these solutions don’t solve the problem, they only mask it. Pests in the home can cause serious issues. One of the biggest issues they bring with them is their persistence. While it might seem as though you have the infestation under control after trying certain online or DIY solutions or even after just a single pest control treatment, pests often return with a vengeance. Regular professional pest control is the only effective solution to these pests. It’s important to consult with a professional pest control specialist such as a hitman technician to find an effective long-term solution that works for you.

1. DIY Solutions:

When faced with an issue you don’t know how to deal with, your first thought may be to go online, or to ask people you know for advice, in fact, it may be how you came across our blog. Some people swear by certain home-use pesticides, biological pest control, acids, soapy water, bait traps, or a mix of all of the above. You might try one or many of the DIY solutions that you came across in an attempt to rid your house of pests, however, they’ll keep coming back. Pests that find themselves in the home or your workspace bring with them a whole range of issues. It’s important to implement a long term solution so you can protect yourself and your family from being affected by the health risks that some of these pests can bring with them.

2. Ignoring What You Can’t See:

Many homeowners think that they’ll always be able to tell if they have pests in their home. You’d assume that a pest infestation would be noticeable straight away. However, pests can be surprisingly skilful at hiding their presence. Their survival depends on their ability to live inside your home, stealing from your resource’s unseen. Due to this, they’ve learned to be much sneakier than you think. While you prepare only for the infestation you can see, significant amounts of damage can be done before you’ve even had a chance to realize they are already there, or worse yet, you may focus only on the parts of the infestation that are easily visible and be unaware of the more severe problem concealed in walls or beneath floorboards. Proper and regular inspections from a professional pest control company are necessary to expose and eradicate hidden pest infestations that are virtually invisible to the average homeowner who doesn’t know how to look for them.

3. Focusing on Cleaning the Kitchen:

You’ve more than likely heard that clean homes don’t attract pests, or that a dirty kitchen is the biggest attraction for pests. While both statements have an element of truth to them, they don’t always hold true. Having a clean kitchen is, of course, something to be proud of, but focusing too much on cleaning the kitchen won’t keep the pests away if it means you’re ignoring other pest attractors. For example, if you have excess moisture around the home or easily accessible entrance points, pests will come no matter the cleanliness of your kitchen. Even though clean habits (especially in the kitchen) will undoubtedly lower your chances of a pest infestation, don’t solely rely on it entirely to keep your home pest-free.

Regular pest control is an essential service and as such Hitman is ready to take your booking. Our trained technicians take all proper precautions to provide this essential service safely. We can treat inside and outside for cockroaches, silverfish, ants, spiders and more pests. We not only offer our service to homes but also a wide array of commercial businesses including clubs, offices, factories, medical and dental practices, schools, childcare centres, universities, hospitals, airports, restaurants and food franchises. We also offer a full 12-month service warranty on our pest control treatments. Hitman makes it easy.


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