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Silverfish Prevention & Control Brisbane Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

May 30, 2016

Silverfish are a common household pest control issue that often go unseen. In books, clothes and small spaces, they like to hide away, but the damage it does can be disastrous. The small, silver-looking insect will wriggle into all kinds of properties and spread disease in no time at all.  Identifying this little critter and knowing how to prevent and eradicate it is essential for any healthy and happy household.

Where silverfish hide

Silverfish are sneaky, reclusive creatures. They thrive in most climates, but prefer to set up camp in dark, damp areas, particularly paper and damp clothing. In most homes, it isn’t unusual to find a silverfish scamper out when a box is moved or a pile of books is scattered. They are also attracted to places with lots of water, like the kitchen and bathroom. The ceiling cavity is also a good breeding environment for silverfish as well as wall voids and subfloor areas.

How to prevent them

One of the best ways to control pests including silverfish is to prevent them from making your home their own. Firstly, you need to inspect incoming goods that may harbour silverfish. This is anything coming into your home in cardboard boxes plus old books, furniture etc. Books, papers, files and so on should be stored in light and airy conditions where possible. Books hidden away in closed cupboards, particularly if infrequently opened, can provide very suitable conditions for silverfish development. In kitchen areas, tight containment of food and frequent cleaning of scraps and crumbs help to reduce the attractiveness of the environment to silverfish. Clothes should be correctly stored packing seasonal clothing in sealed plastic bags, using plastic liners for drawers and ensuring a regular cleaning regime. This controls silverfish access.

Silverfish control with Hitman

Prevention doesn’t always work and sometimes cleaning habits fall behind. If you feel the silverfish are taking over, don’t stress. Instead, get a little help from the experts!

Hitman is a Queensland-based pest control company that can inspect and treat your home for a whole host of creepy crawlies, including silverfish. Check out our Complete Pest Control Package which is for any size home for silverfish, cockroaches, ants and spiders inside and outside with a 12-month service warranty on pests including ants and spiders. We also include a free termite check for your home all for $250

If you are looking for pest control in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, call Hitman on 07 3801 6505 and get rid of the silverfish before they take over your home.



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