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How to Detect Termites

January 03, 2017

It would be nice if termites rang the doorbell so homeowners would know when they have arrived. But no, these unwanted guests often come for dinner in the dead of night and stay for years undetected. Talk about overstaying their welcome! It’s hard to control termites if you haven’t found them – wishing them away doesn’t do it! The task of ushering termites out of your house for good is certainly possible and not that difficult when carried out by a termite specialist.

To Detect Termites – Inspect, Inspect, Inspect!

Regular home and garden inspections are a critical element of termite control. A termite check is carried out free of charge with the annual pest control treatment for all Hitman clients. In between your 12-month checks there are a number of telltale signs to look for:

Timber that has been damaged or sounds hollow when tapped

Termites eat your home from the inside so look for areas that appear to be cracked or split especially around window sills, skirting boards and cornices.

Piles of soil near woodwork  

Some termites will excavate small holes in timber to eradicate waste and droppings. These will appear in little piles on surfaces close by.

Mud tunnels 

Mud tunnels are built by termites to keep their environment at the perfect temperature and humidity. These tunnels allow them to move freely and comfortably from their nest to a food source. The food source could very well be your home.

Alate wings

When the alates or winged teenagers leave the nest they leave in large quantities. The result of this can be that they leave behind large numbers of wings

Noise in wall cavities or floorboards

If you hear a soft background hum from inside a wall cavity this could be termites. The sound comes from them munching timber and/or tapping their heads against tunnel walls to communicate with others. When you hear this noise you know there are probably thousands of termites in the vicinity.


When you find live termites – DO NOT DISTURB them as they will close up this tunnel and head elsewhere.

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