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Annette- Hitman’s Office Manager

April 27, 2017

Annette at her desk

As a child, I grew up in Beenleigh with 2 brothers and attended the local state schools for primary and high school. Once I left high school in 1976 I attended Seven Hills Business college for 12 months. Here I gained an insight into the career path I wanted to follow.

I married my husband Peter in 1983 and we had 2 children.  Amy is now 29 and has a beautiful partner and a son named Cooper. He is our only grandson at this stage and gives us a lot of joy. My son Isaac has recently gotten engaged to his partner Rachael. We are very proud of both our children who have grown into loving, responsible young adults and I  really enjoy the time we spend together as a family.

I also love to travel. In 2017 I did an amazing trip to Tanzania with my friend and owner of Hitman,  Donna Ross-Teigan. We did a safari that took us to a number of different game parks and gave us an incredible up-close encounter with so many animals. We also had a balloon ride over Serengeti which was unforgettable. It really was a trip of a lifetime.  I’ve also done a couple of cruises in recent years which have been great.



In 2003 I decided to make a career change. I had worked for the State Government in several departments ranging from Health to Education for over 25 years. That same year I started my career with Hitman were my first role was as a part-time telemarketer – cold calling and working 4 hours a day. It became clear to me Hitman was certainly a company I wanted to be a part of and offered the career path I wanted to take.

My journey with Hitman has seen my passion for our existing clients grow and my position in the company evolve. Now I am proud to say I have achieved the role of Office Manager.

Apart from having passion around what I do within the business, I have an incredible passion for cars. I’ve been very fortunate to drive amazing cars as part of the Hitman team.  Starting with a red PT cruiser sedan, then a very upmarket PT cruiser decked out with lots of chrome which belonged to Niels – co-owner of Hitman. Next, I had an amazing silver PT convertible ( I think this was my favourite), and now I drive a Toyota Rukus. I take pride in my vehicle as it is a constant reminder of what an incredible job I have created for myself.



When I started with Hitman we were in a small office where everything was done by hand. Our scheduling was written on a sheet of A3 paper in conjunction with a whiteboard.  I’m very appreciative of learning the systems this way as it taught me to recognise the suburbs and areas in and around Brisbane, Gold Coast and  Sunshine Coast. At this stage, Hitman employed five pest technicians, a few office staff and a team of telemarketers. In 2004 I saw the implementation of a new computer program which made scheduling much easier.

The next change was about 10 years ago when Donna and Niels decided to franchise the business. I saw some wonderful changes in the company after this time. Prospective Hitmen and women were so keen to buy into a successful, established, multi-million dollar business.  There are now19 technicians and I know that clients are thrilled to see the same face each year.



Hitman Vehicle

In the early days as office manager, I had a constant turnover of staff especially on the marketing side.  Over the years, however, this has all changed. I now have a  stable team of wonderful people who love what they do and, in loving what they do they form an extremely efficient and caring team.  I love the way they interact with clients and technicians alike, ensuring everyone has exactly what they need at any given point in time.

Challenging myself is an integral part of my personal journey. Every time I train a new staff member or introduce a new franchisee, I re-ignite my passion around the business.   I am very proud of what we achieved as a team. We work together very well and our high retention of clients reflects our success. The technicians of course, are such a big part of our excellent retention rate. The service they give clients is outstanding in every way from their attention to detail to backing up the service with our 12-month warranty.



Over 14 years, there have been many highlights. My rise through the ranks to office manager has been an amazing journey but really the highlights have always revolved around my relationships. The relationship I have built with Donna and Niels and everyone that has come and gone from Hitman over these years. I have learned something from everyone I have had the pleasure to interact with. The lessons haven’t always been enjoyable at the moment but in hindsight, I have been able to get much from every one of them.

The increase in my salary package has of course also been a highlight for me. Surprisingly this increase has come with a  decrease in the number of hours I work. I am now in the enviable position of having the best team of people to play with on a day-to-day basis as well as plenty of spare time to play with family and friends.

20 years in termite and pest treatments!.