Complete pest package

We will treat any sized home for


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Treating your home, inside and out for: Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Silverfish.

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Full 12-month service warranty, even on ants and spiders

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Pest Control for Property Managers & Agents Brisbane

At Hitman we pride ourselves on working around the needs of our clients whether it be termite treatments or other pest control treatments.

Property Managers

One of our largest group of clients is property managers such as real estates and body corporate companies. The reason for this is that we make it so easy for them. After our initial contact we follow it through with the tenant or owner. We do everything we can to make it easy for our client.

Our 12 month service warranty on all domestic properties on pests including ants and spiders, makes our service extremely attractive to these clients. If tenants or owners have any issues throughout the year then they deal directly with us and we will fix any problem areas free of charge.

The free termite check with the Complete Pest Control Package is also extremely popular because tenants and owners appreciate the extra service which is an essential part of any pest control in South-East Queensland.

All this is done without tenants and owners having to disturb you, the property manager.


We make it easy for business by being able to quote 99% of all business over the phone. In doing it this way there is no built in cost in the quote, for time taken to assess the property. Hence our prices are kept to a minimum.

We are flexible with our times so that we are able to work around the business in terms of what best suits them. We service a wide array of businesses including clubs, offices, factories, medical and dental practises, schools, child care centres, universities and colleges, hospitals, airports, restaurants and food franchises.

Hitman Staff

Commercial Pest Control Professionals – Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

Termites are in every back yard. Be vigilant!