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Treating your home, inside and out for: Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Silverfish.

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Full 12-month service warranty, even on ants and spiders

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Hitman Partnerships

The Hitman Partnerships is designed to work with different groups in our community as well as worldwide. For years we worked with Hetty Johnson and Bravehearts helping with children that were at risk of abuse. 

The Hitman Foundation

In recent years Niels Ross-Teigan (my husband) has worked tirelessly with Noel Camilleri from the Music Cavern at Beenleigh bringing local teens together for the pure joy of music. The Hitman Foundation has for many years has given young music talent the opportunity to be heard by over 20,000 households.

Hitman Foundation Team
Maasai Primary School in Arusha, Tanzania

Annette Leibinger, our Office Manager and I (Donna Ross-Teigan) recently went to Tanzania on safari. We went with a company called Maasai Wanderings which is owned by a Brisbane girl also called Donna, and her Tanzanian husband. We were so taken with Donna and her business we decided to get involved with a local primary school that they are helping in so many ways.

The school is called Maxim and has 1,300 pupils, 99% of whom are Maasai. The school has 19 very dedicated teachers and could do with a lot more as the class sizes are over 120 children in each.

We decided at Hitman that we would build a much needed block of 14 toilets. This job has now been completed. The staff of Hitman is also paying for a new English teacher to be added to Maxim’s staff and we will continue our support in other ways as we become more familiar with their needs. 

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