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Celebrating 10 years as a Hitman Franchisee

May 04, 2017

Garry the HitmanHi! My name is Garry Sherlock and I am married to my wonderful wife Christine. We have two amazing children, Josh 23 and Amy 21. I started out serving 24 years in the Army as an electrician and then continued on as an avionics technician. Over those years, we lived in many interesting places such as Melbourne, Sydney, Townsville, Wagga Wagga, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Darwin, Canberra and Surabaya in East Java- Indonesia. I parted ways with the Army and worked with Boeing Australia in Brisbane for 12 months. This brings me to where I am today, 10 years later after buying a Hitman Franchise.


The two things I love the most are spending time with my family and camping. My son Josh is now a carpenter. And my daughter Amy has recently become a registered nurse. I enjoy all sports but I am passionate about my football teams… The Mighty Broncos and Queensland. As a younger man, I had lots of fun playing touch footy and volleyball.  Also, I love working around the garden and enjoying a cool beverage afterwards. Horses are an interest of ours too. We have shares in two beautiful gallopers.

 Buying a Hitman Franchise

I used to employ Hitman to spray my house before I became a franchisee. One day Niels Ross-Teigan, the franchisor of Hitman told Christine my wife a bit about the franchise. We decided to do some investigating and discovered it was a guaranteed income so we figured we couldn’t lose with it. Hitman was a business we knew and were very happy with. I liked the idea of doing something where I was out and about and at the same time mixing with lots of different people. It was a franchise that I believed I would enjoy and at the same time earn really good money.

At the time, we didn’t look at other franchises so we were very lucky to find Hitman. And here I am 10 years down the track renewing my contract with Hitman. I have been able to expand my franchise and now have three cars on the road. I am in a great place with the business as I have two employees Jason and Warren,  who I can rely on to do great work and get the job done.

Between us, we treat a minimum of 2000 clients every year. At least 80% of those are return clients that we have managed to build a really good relationship with.

2017 Hitman Development Award

Hitman Awards NightIn May 2017, we won the Hitman Business Development Award. This was for Hitman Ferny Grove as a team which includes Chris and my 2 employees Jason and Warren. We make a great team. We all appreciate the skills that each person brings to the team. Exceptional client service is our goal and I believe we continue to improve in this area. I am very proud of what we have done as a team.

Loving Life and our Community

I often run into clients when I am out and about, especially in Arana Hills where I live. I love the community feel of this area. It has some fantastic parks and walkways. The local football club often has a game played over the weekend and we are not far from Samford and Bunya where there are also some amazing walking tracks. The Litse Lounge and the Samford Pub are great places to eat.

As I said earlier, I love camping. And there are plenty of places I want to visit overseas on my bucket list. Last year I visited Cambodia and Thailand. Cambodia was an education and an eye opener with the killing fields – we were extremely moved by this. In Australia, Brooms Head is one of my favourite places,  so much so that we camp up there once a year. It’s on the beach and the fishing is good. I would like to buy a Caravan one day to do some travelling around Australia.

My inspiration is definitely my father. He was a great bloke and taught me heaps. He passed too young but would be very proud of my accomplishments. As I get older, I would like to retire to the New South Wales coast and live the grey nomad dream with my wife Chris by my side. This would involve travelling overseas and camping trips around Australia.


Our Hitman Future is Bright

We are super excited about our future in this business. I am on the road working six days a week and value each and every client I have. I love meeting people and especially enjoy catching up with my clients each year. The newest addition to my franchise is our new office on Patrick’s Rd, Arana Hills. Our home is nearby and it’s going to be an amazing feeling driving past the office when the final touches are finished and our sign goes up.

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