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Brisbane Pest Control – Mice, Rats & Rodents

July 28, 2016

How to Prevent Mice, Rats & Rodents

Queenslanders all over the state have reluctantly dragged out their jumpers, slippers and doonas recently due to the winter weather arriving abruptly on our doorsteps.

Just like we humans, rodents also feel the cold and don’t mind seeking out some warmth inside just like you do.

They like nothing better than to find a nice warm home to bring up their families. Warmth and food all in one place! Very convenient!

We tend to see a whole lot more rodents (or rats and mice as they are commonly known) in winter due to their migration indoors, but the truth is they breed just as much in summer as they do in winter. They just prefer to live indoors where it’s warm, rather than out in the cold.

Rodents present significant problems to your home and can also affect your family’s health. Therefore, it’s important to inspect your home on a regular basis and ensure your property and family are protected.

Risks to your home and family with rodents

Poor rodent control can result in:

  • losses of food due to contamination with urine, hair, and feces
  • damage to buildings, books, machinery, electrical cables and various equipment due to their gnawing habits…they love nothing better than to have a good chew!
  • Transmission of diseases including salmonella, typhus, trichinosis, Weil’s disease, etc. All transmitted through urine, feces, scratching, biting and their fleas, eww!
  • Attracting other pests such as snakes, as a rodent is a food source for both venomous and non-venomous snakes
  • Accidental poisoning of native animals and domestic pets from chemical baiting
How to stop rodent invasion and protect your home and family

Check for small holes around access points such as:

  • Drain pipes where they enter the building
  • Gaps under your front and back doors
  • Use gutter guards to stop them from entering the roof space
Also ensure
  • Household garbage is tightly sealed
  • Trim tree branches that overhang the house
  • Remove branches that touch the gutters or roof
  • Remove bushes that contact the outside walls
How to treat a rodent problem
  • Remove any rubbish around your yard, old branches, palm tree fronds, lawn clippings, etc
  • Install bins with tight fitting lids
  • Remove any spilt food from pet cages
  • Fix leaking pipes
  • Seal any holes no matter how small they seem (rodents will squeeze into any size hole!)
  • Seal the bottom of doors with weather strips
  • Baits and trapping. Time to hire a Hitman for this job for pet and child-friendly measures

For your family’s peace of mind and to protect your most valuable asset, call us today and we’ll arrange an inspection or Complete Pest Control Package, the girls are ready to take your call now! 07 3801 6505.



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