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Top Plants that Repel Insects and Bugs in Brisbane Gardens

June 26, 2024
plants repel pests insect
Keeping your garden free from pests can be a challenge, especially in Brisbane where the warm climate attracts a variety of insects.
Fortunately, nature provides us with numerous plants that can help keep these unwanted guests at bay. By strategically incorporating these plants into your garden, you can enjoy a beautiful and bug-free outdoor space. Here are some of the top plants that repel insects and bugs effectively.



Basil is renowned for its strong scent that repels various insects, including flies, fleas, wasps, and bees. This herb emits its aroma without the need for the leaves to be crushed, making it an excellent choice for planting near doorways or dining areas to keep flying pests at bay.

Bay Leaf

Bay leaves are a natural deterrent against weevils and moths. The distinct aroma of bay leaves, especially when dried, can help protect your pantry items from these pests.

Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants, such as Venus Flytraps and Pitcher Plants, are not only fascinating but also functional. They naturally trap and consume small insects, which can help reduce the population of pests in your garden.


Catnip is significantly effective against a variety of insects due to its nepetalactone content, which is more potent than DEET. Planting catnip in your garden can help keep flies, ants, and even weevils at bay.


Chamomile is not only useful for making soothing teas but also acts as a natural repellent against wasps. Planting chamomile can help deter these pests from nesting in nearby areas.


Chrysanthemums contain pyrethrin, a natural insecticide that repels ants, ticks, lice, fleas, bugs, and wasps. These flowers are ideal for planting around the perimeter of your yard to create a bug-resistant barrier.


Citronella is widely recognized for its effectiveness in repelling mosquitoes and flies. The strong scent masks other attractants to mosquitoes, making it an essential plant for outdoor spaces.


Eucalyptus has a potent aroma that is unappealing to a wide range of insects including mosquitoes, flies, bees, and wasps. Planting eucalyptus trees around your property can help keep these pests away.

Floss Flowers

Floss flowers emit a scent that is particularly effective against flies and mosquitoes. Their attractive blooms also add beauty to your garden while protecting it from pests.


Geraniums are known for their ability to repel bees and wasps, thanks to their strong scent. They are ideal for planting in areas where these insects are unwanted.


Lavender’s pleasant fragrance makes it unattractive to mosquitoes, moths, fleas, flies, and other bugs. It’s perfect for borders or pots near seating areas to enjoy a pest-free environment.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm, with its citrus-scented leaves, is effective in repelling flies and wasps. Plant it in containers or garden beds where its scent can spread effectively.


Lemongrass contains citronella, a natural oil famous for its insect-repelling properties, especially against mosquitoes and flies.


Marigolds are not only vibrant and beautiful but also emit a fragrance that confuses aphids and repels mosquitoes. Interspersing marigolds among your vegetable garden can protect your plants from these pests.


Mint has a strong aroma that bees and wasps find particularly offensive. Planting mint around your home can help keep these insects at a distance.


Nasturtiums act as a trap crop, attracting aphids and beetles away from more valuable plants. They are ideal for planting around the edges of your garden.


Pennyroyal is an effective ground cover that repels mosquitoes, wasps, and bees with its strong minty aroma.


Petunias can help repel various insects including leafhoppers, beetles, aphids, and bugs. Their vibrant flowers not only add colour but also protect other plants by drawing pests away.


Rosemary’s woody scent is effective at repelling mosquitoes and a variety of other insects. It can be planted in garden beds or pots for flexible pest control.


Sage is another herb with a strong scent that repels common garden pests like snails, moths, beetles, and flies.


Tansy is known for its ability to repel flies, ants, fleas, moths, and even mice. Its bright yellow flowers also add a splash of colour to your garden.


Thyme emits a strong scent when its leaves are crushed, which repels mosquitoes, wasps, and other bugs effectively.


Wormwood has a very strong pungent scent that is particularly effective at deterring wasps. Plant it around the perimeter of your property for the best results.

Keep Your Garden Pest-Free with Professional Help

While planting these natural insect repellents can significantly reduce the presence of pests in your garden, sometimes a professional touch is necessary to fully secure your outdoor space.

For comprehensive and effective pest control solutions, contact Hitman Pest Control. Our expert team provides tailored services to ensure your garden and home remain pest-free all year round. Call us today on 07 3801 6505 or book online to learn more about our services and how we can help you maintain a beautiful, bug-free garden.

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