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How the onset of summer affects pests in your home

October 16, 2020

You may be wondering why the warmer months of the year lead to more pest problems in your home. Temperature and humidity have a huge impact on insects and can change their rate of growth, development, lifecycle and reproduction. As the weather starts to heat up, insects experience an increase in metabolism, so they eat more, lay more eggs, and generally live longer.

Some of the main nuisance pests to watch out for include:

Cockroaches: these guys are generally more active at the start of spring as the warmer months are their chief breeding season. The average cockroach seeks out warm, moist areas which results in homes being at a higher risk of infestation during an extended warm temperature period. In the winter, the cockroach population shrinks but they are driven to seek shelter indoors, making them more noticeable. In the summer, the warm weather encourages breeding, which means that there are more cockroaches looking for food in a home. Because cockroaches typically do not come out during the daylight hours, it’s easy to miss the size of a significant infestation.

Termites: warm weather, particularly after rain, creates peak conditions for termites to colonise. You may have heard the phrase ‘spring swarmers’; this refers to termites commencing social swarming for reproduction, normally during spring and summer. Although you should be vigilant with termite inspections throughout the year, it is a must to keep a close eye on your home and outdoor areas during the warmer months. If you see a swarm of flying termites, alarm bells should ring, and a termite inspection immediately arranged. Always be mindful of any timber structures attached to or near your home, fix any water leaks or drainage problems, and ensure weep holes aren’t covered. Termites are a nasty and expensive problem once any damage has been done.

Ants: another species that experiences a population boom during the summer months is ants. They enter our homes looking for food and water and are attracted to sugary or fatty foods. Because of this, it’s wise to keep any syrupy foods like honey in an airtight container in your fridge, rather than the pantry. You might find them taking over your pet’s food bowl so try to avoid leaving food in the dog or cat bowl for too long and keep the bowls outside. Ants aren’t fans of anything acidic so you could use cleaning vinegar to wipe over benchtops in your kitchen and bathroom to help keep them at bay.

Spiders: they enter your home for shelter during the winter. This means that when temperatures warm up in spring, spiders will start emerging from their hiding, generally with an army of spiderlings in tow. With warmer weather, they become bolder as their previously cold-induced, stiff movement begins to relax. In addition to this, during spring, insects are plentiful. With so many different bugs appearing, spiders will find no shortage of food during the spring. This can lead to a sudden influx of spiders not previously seen during the preceding months. If they happen to be in your home, it’s unlikely they will have much incentive to leave.

Now that spring is here, it’s a great time to get your annual pest control taken care of. At Hitman, our pest control technicians are trained to manage household pests. We use professional-grade pest control products that are the most effective against pests. We are flexible with our appointment times so that we are able to work around you and your needs. We not only offer our service to homes but also a wide array of commercial businesses including clubs, offices, factories, medical and dental practises, schools, childcare centres, universities, hospitals, airports, restaurants and food franchises.


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