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Restaurant Pest Problems: 4 Signs you need to look for

September 09, 2019

Restaurant pest problems are a nightmare, both for you and your customers. Not only will you have to pay for pest inspections and treatment, but you could lose a lot of customers in the days it may take to fix the infestation. This will likely have an irreversible effect on your restaurant’s reputation. Even restaurants known for their cleanliness can be affected by pests. You and your staff members need to know the importance of pest control in restaurants, the signs of a pest problem and the measures to take to prevent an infestation. That’s why we’re telling you what are the four main contributing factors to pests in your restaurant. These will work in conjunction with commercial restaurant pest control treatments to prevent infestation.

1. Contaminated Food
Contaminated food is an easily noticeable restaurant pest problem. If you or a staff member notice damage to store produce (such as holes or tears in sacks of grain or flour), food scattered across the floor or larvae or webbing in various places, you have found clear signs of pests. Infamous trouble spots to look out for include stored grain, dried fruits, sweets, cheese, meat and any other dried food. It is important to monitor your restaurant constantly for contaminated food and ensure commercial restaurant pest control occurs regularly to prevent pest infestation.

2. Excrement
Another easy to spot sign of pests in your restaurant is their excrement. Pests leave droppings wherever they go. It sounds off-putting so imagine how your customer would feel if they find it in your restaurant. Excrement is useful in identifying the type of pest that may be causing you problems. If you notice small, brown or black pellets you may have a rodent living in your restaurant. However, cockroaches will leave droppings similar to black pepper or coffee grounds. Cockroaches are a troublesome pest as their excrement can be difficult to identify and they are nocturnal, making it difficult to realise you have a problem until it becomes an infestation. Regular pest control treatment is important in your restaurant as it will limit the growth of a pest between treatments, preventing infestation.

3. Signs Of Nests
When a pest invades your restaurant, they will often build nests. This is another clear sign of a pest infestation. Different pests will make different kinds of nests. If you are worried about or have an issue with pests, try to search under furniture in dark corners of the premises, these are infamous trouble spots. Tattered materials such as cardboard, cotton or wood are another sign of a pest nesting in your restaurant. If you see small piles of dirt or soil, you likely have an ant infestation. If you spot any of these signs you should contact a professional to treat the problem. You should also consider implementing a restaurant pest control checklist to help you and your staff check for problems regularly.

4. Damage in Structures
It’s important to remember that certain pests such as rodents can make their home inside the walls of your restaurant. They can cause significant damage to your restaurant’s structure, as well as equipment and food. Try to listen for any skittering or rustling noises, it’s easier to notice this when things are quiet. Try to make it a habit to listen when you are closing for the day. If you do notice this sign it’s important to contact a professional right away. Structural damage from pests actually attracts even more to your premises. This means, without proper treatment the problem can easily get out of hand.

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If you see any of these signs in your restaurant, or if you’d like help to prevent restaurant pest problems in the first place, you should contact a licenced Pest Control Company such as Hitman Professional Pest Control. We understand proper restaurant pest control requirements and can implement the correct restaurant pest control procedure. In addition to treating your pest problems, our trained professionals are able to give you and your staff more tips for helping avoid a pest infestation.

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