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Treating your home, inside and out for: Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Silverfish.

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Full 12-month service warranty, even on ants and spiders

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Pest Control Blog

What to do about Rodents

There are many reasons why we consider rodents to be pests, any one of which would be sufficient to want to rid our properties of them. Phobia The irrational fear of rats and mice is surprisingly […]

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Facts About Redback Spiders

Latrodectus Hasselti, more commonly known as Redback Spiders, are Australia’s most well-known spider. Redbacks live all over Australia but are rarely found in Tasmania because it is too cold. […]

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Hitman Pest Control Tips For Winter

Hitman Pest Control Tips For Winter It’s been awhile since we’ve felt cold here in Queensland. However, in the past few weeks, winter has arrived on our doorsteps with gusto! It may seem […]

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